We are looking for talented educators who are aligned to the idea that great teaching is about facilitated learning, not about filling children with content or facts. Our project based learning approach empowers children to collaborate in the development of their own learning journey and we are excited to welcome new team members to shape out this project year.

 Two mornings per week – Monday and Tuesdays, April to end July.


We are expanding our education team and seeking an expert English/Maths Masters to join our ‘Masters’ programme. Masters are people who bring to the project their passion about their area of expertise (an area of industry or specialist subject).

If you have a specialist skill in either Maths or English/Literacy (or both) we would love you to join our team. Your key role will be to deliver Core Skills in these foundational subjects, in order that the children develop skills as independent learners, with the goal of planning and leading their own projects. You will support the children develop a growth mindset approach to learning in your subject area, and to inspire the children to excel, and be the best they can be.

Each Master will work with two groups of children (aged 5 – 7 and aged 8 – 11), as part of the Lumiar Stowford Education Project. We currently operate for 3 days a week for home educated children at Stowford Manor Farm, Wingfield, and will become the first Lumiar Independent School in the UK in September 2018, moving to 5 days a week. The Master will be part of a dynamic team who are committed to professional development as we move forward with this pioneering project. The candidate would receive training in the Lumiar approach.


  • Experience of working with children, planning and leading sessions in Maths or English; experience of Key Stage 1, and Key Stage 2 is essential (English will include some supporting early reading and writing equivalent to Reception level; Maths will include supporting early Key Stage 1 development)
  • Experience of differentiation, including supporting children from a variety of educational experiences, including homeschooling.
  • Experience in tracking individual progress in Maths or English and be able to identify next steps.
  • Ability to plan a selection of subject activities for each session, and to formatively assess the learning from each session.
  • Be able to communicate the ‘why’ in a subject area, with passion and enthusiasm – why the give topic or area is important/inspiring.
  • Experience of using online/digital tools to support your subject area would be desirable.


  • Love working with children.
  • Have excellent communication skills to partner with group Tutors, other Masters, volunteers and the broader Lumiar community.
  • To be the point of contact for parents for their specialist area (Maths or English) and meet with parents once a half-term to discuss progress.
  • Have an effective working relationship with the Board, Advisors, parents, and the wider community, and most importantly the children. To act with love, warmth, confidentiality, discretion, timeliness, and accuracy


  • To commit to the underlying values that each child is unique, and the Master supports each child on their journey.
  • Embrace the Lumiar Methodology and uphold and demonstrate the Lumiar Project vision and ethos (training will be provided).
  • Engage in training to implement the Digital Mosaic planning and assessment tool.


  • Provide structure to the delivery of the learning programme in your specialist area of Maths or English, creating a clear curriculum plan for your subject area.
  • Have strong organisational skills to plan, assess and evaluate individual children’s needs and progress as well as that of the group on a continuous basis.
  • Monitor, assess and implement specific strategies for children’s learning and development, identifying areas for additional support, this may include some children who have come from a variety of educational backgrounds and may need some support to access the curriculum.
  • Assess, monitor and meet the differentiated learning needs of children in a multi-age group.
  • Meet half termly with members of the Educational Team to reflect on and improve teaching practices and to discuss and support individual children’s learning needs.


  • Assess and communicate each child’s progress to parents, and keep parents informed about any achievements and concerns with their child/ren.
  • Assist the healthy development of social relationships between children within the group, and between child/ren and other Masters/Masters.
  • Help liaise with appropriate professionals for assessment and intervention with approval from parents when needed for individual children.
  • Address parents’ comments and concerns relating to child development.
  • Support, supervise, instruct and help colleagues in linking your subject area with Projects (for example, what Maths skills may be needed in a building project).


  • Uphold and implement the Lumiar Project safeguarding practices and procedures in line with our Safeguarding Policy).
  • Maintain accuracy in filing and recording of all relevant student files using Digital Mosaic tool.
  • File any receipts and invoices.
  • Hold an enhanced DBS disclosure with list checks before commencing in post
  • Be first aid trained for schools.
  • Provide photocopies of identification documents to the Board (passport, DBS check, First Aid certificate).


  • Organise and lead parent/Master evenings each term.
  • Attend half termly Lumiar Educational Team meetings.
  • Attend meetings regarding the individual progress of children where there are highlighted special needs/concerns (with parents/carers and other professionals as appropriate during your normal hours).


This year is a project year. When we transition to becoming an Independent school the organisational structure and hours of work are likely to change (eg: moving from 3 to 5 days). We are currently recruiting for the remainder of the project with a fixed term contract but we are very committed to moving forward with those people who share our passion for the next phase of growth. We welcome applications from people who are interested in a fixed term contract or a longer opportunity. There will be opportunities to review the agreement as we move forward in September if this is mutually agreeable.  

The salary for the Master is between £20 per hour (includes planning time in this rate) and is based on the following:

The contract is part-time from mid April to July 2018), with equal payments, depending on the specific start date, paid in arrears


  • 2.5 hours per day onsite for two days (Monday and Tuesday mornings);
    • 1.25 hours contact time divided between 2 groups of children
    • 1.25 hours assessment/entering data to the Digital Mosaic online learning portfolio/ meeting parents / 1:1 with individual children


The Board of Directors and the Head of Education form the Management team who are responsible on a day-to-day basis for running the Lumiar project efficiently and safely, and making sure that the necessary resources are in place to deliver the strategic aims of the project.

The Master will report to the Head of Education who supports the professional development of all members of the Educational Team. The Master will have opportunities for personal and professional development, including regular supervision sessions.

Referees will be requested for interview.



 Developed in Brazil by Ricardo Semler in 2003, the Lumiar Methodology is recognised as one of the world’s most innovative systems of education by UNESCO, Microsoft and Stanford University[1], both in its pedagogical outlook and practice. It covers a broad range of skills including developing autonomy, social skills, technological proficiency, collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, analysis, interpretation, synthesis, self-awareness, leadership, communication and creativity. The vision of the Lumiar approach to education is outlined in more detail on the Lumiar website www.lumiar.co.ukand in the founder, Ricardo Semler’s, presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4UV0Gz_YnI

The Board of Lumiar Stowford believe that education is a vehicle to creating the long lasting, positive and meaningful societal change. To achieve this, we need to focus on education for wisdom rather than just the acquisition of knowledge. Children must be given opportunity to find their own purpose and meaning in their learning. With this approach comes the recognition that everyone is different, has different interests and aptitudes, and at different times –celebrating the diversity of skills and passions inherent in any human group.

At Lumiar we encourage children to become autonomous individuals, who are intrinsically motivated and have a clear sense of their own purpose. Children are given freedom to learn things that they are interested in, to propose topics, to ask questions, challenge the status quo, and to come up with new ideas and solutions. Our educational approach allows them to do this whilst supporting them to acquire the confidence and skills to see these ideas into action.

The main elements of the Lumiar Model include:

Participatory management

Lumiar involves children in decision-making about key issues that impact them – from setting rules and agreements on behavior through to proposing topics that they would like to learn.

Multi-age learning

At Lumiar, learners are divided into three cycles:

  • 5-7 year olds who are supported to acquire basic competencies like learning to read and write
  • 8-11 year olds, already reasonably familiar with key competencies and are gradually acquiring new knowledge and autonomy in their learning
  • 2-14 year olds who have completed basic education and have gained autonomy to manage their own projects.

Masters and Masters

The role of the educator is divided into:

  • Tutors are with the children every day and provide social/ emotional support to the children and help them to direct their learning, ensuring that they are meeting the age appropriate competencies
  • Masters who are passionate about their areas of expertise(areas of industry, or specialist subject areas) and are invited to come in to deliver specialist content through project based learning

Project Based, Non-Linear (Mosaic) Curriculum

The curriculum at Lumiar is radically innovative. It is non-linear and highly dynamic. It is divided in two dimensions, Competencies and Contents and it is activated in projects that stem from students’ interests and needs, which are identified by the Masters and by the algorithms in the Digital Mosaic platform.

New projects are offered and assessed every 2 months, and children can choose to focus on their area of interest. For each project a list of the competencies to develop in the process of tackling the issues are outlined by the Masters and assessed and documented in the Digital Mosaic.

The curriculum is defined (in its broadest terms) to support each child’s academic, physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual development.

Digital Mosaic

The Digital Mosaic is a sophisticated online tool that allows Masters and children to assess progress and identify areas of the curriculum where greater attention is needed. Continuous assessment using the Digital Mosaic removes bias, saves time and helps support learning at an individual level, whilst enabling educators to take a more flexible, creative and non-linear approach to delivering learning objectives.

Using this tool, children build their own learning, undertake self-assessment, and can take the subject/project to a different level of understanding if they choose to.

[1]Moylett, H. (2013). CharacteristicsofEffective Early Learning: Helping Young ChildrenBecomeLearnersfor Life. McGraw-Hill Education (UK)


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