• Learning is firmly rooted in real and meaningful experiences and is applied to practical activities through project-based learning

  • We focus on ‘21st Century Skills’ such as autonomy, technological proficiency, collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving, self-awareness, leadership, communication and creativity, as well as more traditional subjects like Maths and English.

  • Social and environmental responsibility and stewardship are integrated into the curriculum and culture of the school

  • Students have a say in what they learn and are encouraged to follow their interests

  • Students have a voice in decision-making and resolving problems

  • Our proprietary planning and assessment tool supports educators to take a flexible and rigorous approach to managing and recording progress (please watch the video below)

The Digital Mosaic

The Lumiar Methodology

Lumiar's six pillars

TED talk by the founder of Lumiar, Ricardo Semler

To hear more about the Lumiar approach you can listen to its inspirational founder, Ricardo Semler, in this TED talk