Our Team of educators and governors work closely with Lumiar’s team in Brazil to find new and innovative ways of delivering education in the UK. Set up in Brazil 15 years ago, Lumiar now has ten schools globally. Our Director of Pedagogy works for Lumiar and helps to train and embed the Lumiar approach at our UK school.

Tutors and Masters

At Lumiar the role of the educator or teacher is divided into two distinct roles - Tutors and Masters. Tutors are responsible for the students’ personal development in a number of different areas; physical, social, emotional, moral and intellectual. They work closely with the students every day to help them to identify, validate and amplify their interests, understand their own developmental needs and assess their own learning. The Tutors hold primary responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the curriculum and ensuring that each child's progress is assessed against the curriculum using the Digital Mosaic.

Masters are specialists in their particular field and have a range of skills that can help support the Tutors in delivering core skills and project based learning. Masters are chosen to support specific projects. Some may be paid experts, while others may be volunteers.

The Team of Tutors and Masters is coordinated and managed by our Head of Education, who reports to the Board of Governors.

Board of Governors

The Board consists of eight members who are responsible for overseeing the following key strategic areas of Lumiar Stowford School:

  • Developing and overseeing the education vision, ethos and practice of the school

  • Liaising with the Lumiar team in Brazil to deliver their educational framework in line with our own vision and ethos

  • Overseeing strategic business matters including financial oversight, fundraising, and compliance

  • Developing and monitoring regulatory matters, policies, procedures and inspections

  • Recruitment and training of staff

  • Communications and marketing